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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Selling Your House: "Hope and Change" is not the way!

No, this is not a take on your current President's campaign slogan of eight years ago.

It refers to two different approaches to selling a home.
  1. Establishing a price optimistically above the market and hope an offer comes in soon.   Or, if a less than full price offer comes in, reject it and hope the next one is better.
  2. And when number one strategy fails, then a change of list price. 
Selling your home is not an exact science.   

While many things are known, like condition and competition, there are also a lot of unknowns when selling a house or condo.
There are some signs your home is not priced right. 

The obvious red flag is no showings.    Every home that goes on the market has a golden period.   When a seller lists a home for sale it needs to be ready to sell.  The time to prepare a home for the market is before - not during the golden period.

And then there is what I consider the real test of list price... my 30-10-1 rule.  In a nutshell, if, within 30 days, a seller does not have at least 10 showings and 1 reasonable offer.

Finally, whether buyer or seller, the challenge is often to not let emotions get in the way of the process.   Sellers, especially when the "house" has been "home" for many years, want to price in their memories.  

Emotions unchecked can result in remorse...buyers or sellers!

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