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Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Consider the School Zone When Buying a New Home?

For parents of school age children schools matter when shopping for a home.  I suggest schools should matter when anyone is shopping for a home.  

I will concede that there probably are a couple of buyer populations where school quality may not be a consideration -  Buyers seeking a 55+/age restricted community and most retirement age condominium buyers (think downsize, beach-side). 

I have spoken with a few teachers over the years who told me that the grades are not really an accurate indicator of how good (or not so good) a school may be. 

But, just as a scale is not an accurate indicator of how healthy a person is, the results may be an indicator.

Still, smart buyers should take into consideration the quality of schools when shopping for a home.   There have been numerous studies conducted that show a correlation between school quality and home prices

Why are some schools better than others?  I am not qualified to answer that question however I do believe there are some obvious influences.  The major factor - funding.  Higher home values equate to higher taxes which should mean more funds for education.  The environment, both physical and social, likely has an impact.  Then there are busing and school assignment zones.  And the list continues....

I just reviewed the 2015 school grades report for Brevard County, Florida.  Since I market mostly in central Brevard County I wanted to check just some of the #2015FloridaSchoolGrades.  

Some of the "A" graded schools included 
  • Rockledge High School, 
  • Viera High School, 
  • Merritt Island High, 
  • Cocoa Beach Jr-Sr High, 
  • Edgewood Jr-Sr High,
  • Satellite Beach High School,
  • Kennedy Middle School, 
  • Manatee Elementary, 
  • Quest Elementary, 
  • Ralph Williams Elementary, 
  • Andersen Elementary, 
  • Suntree Elementary.  
The above list is not a comprehensive list of all central Brevard County public schools but it is an indicator of the area school quality.

If school quality is a consideration then central Brevard County, Florida is a good starting point for your new Florida home. 

Key Point:  Just as school quality may change over time so do assignment boundaries.  confirm with the local schools which school your child will attend before placing an offer on a house.

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