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Thursday, April 07, 2016

When Selling Your Home, Turn Down the Noise!

While heavy traffic, the neighbors music or barking dog can all impact the quality of a home showing the noise referred to in the title is something else.

The "noise" I am speaking of is more general...anything that distracts from your home's qualities.

But what is noise? 
Things like clutter that make your home look messy, small, unappealing.  It is the highly personalized paint or, even worse, the gawd awful wall paper from the sixties.  

Or it is the shag carpet or harvest gold appliances.

Or it is the dark, dreary look of a poorly lit space. Maybe it is the smell of last nights fried fish!

The point is...noise is a distraction.   

When a prospective buyer's focus is drawn away from your home it ultimately has a price.

Shrewd buyer prospects see neglect and lack of preparation as opportunity.  An opportunity to buy a house at a lower price.

Right or wrong their assumption is something like "neglect and a carefree attitude are a sign of the property's underlying condition."

When you are ready to sell your home, turn down the noise!

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Remember .... Smart Buyers Know the Difference Between Dirt and Opportunity.

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