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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Buying or Selling a Home: What about the neighbors?

Do the neighbors really matter when shopping for a new home?   Well,  maybe. 

Do the neighbors really matter when selling a home?  Well, maybe.

On listing appointments I make it a point to at least mention the neighbors. 

It may be just from a security perspective (house is empty, ask then to keep alert).  It may be to ask their help in making sure their yards stay well manicured (at least mowed, weeds out of the flower beds and no cars in the yard).  It may be just a request to keep the music down or  the dog from barking excessively when strangers come next door.

Now from the buyer side it may be a little more cautionary advice.  

When I have buyers who are interested in a particular home I suggest they look the neighborhood over before ever meeting a neighbor.   This may not be possible because many times there is a conveniently nearby neighbor who runs over to check buyers out first.  

Buyers are urged to look at the homes nearby for general state of repair.  While the home they may be considering is likely "all dressed up," the neighbor's properties may not be "well dressed."  As a buyer consider how you may or may not fit in?   If it is really quiet when you see the home drive back by in the late afternoon or on a Saturday.

Finally, if there are neighbors out and about why not speak to them?  However...
  1. Don't base your decision to buy or not on all they say.   They may have a less than glowing opinion of the neighborhood or other neighbors.  They may the local gossip.  They may have their own motivation to speak positively or negatively.
  2. Don't base your decision on how nice (or not nice) they appear to be at the time.  Most people can be nice upon meeting a stranger!  Then again, sometimes people have a bad day and just come across as less than neighborly!  
  3. Neighbors move.  Even the best of neighbors or worst of neighbors may not be a long term arrangement!  (Still, find out if there are any sexual predators and offenders nearby.)
Finally, what is the most important thing to know about neighbors?  In the words of the poet Robert Frost ‘Good fences make good neighbors.'

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