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Monday, May 16, 2016

Hurricane Season Is Approaching - Check Your Homeowner Insurance Now

As the hurricane season approaches (June 1 through November 30th in the Atlantic Ocean) it is essential that homeowners take a look at their hurricane coverage including deductibles.

And if one is purchasing a home during the hurricane season it is critical Florida home buyers have their homeowner insurance (or changes thereto)  in place before the threat becomes real.

Florida insurance companies typically suspend the binding of homeowner policies in the days before an approaching storm or threat and not allow policies to be placed active until after the threat has passed.

The key is if your scheduled closing is during the hurricane season get your insurance policy binder before the potential storms rear their ugly head.   If not, then your closing will likely be delayed. 

Home-buyers need to work with their insurance agent to know for sure their policy is in place for your scheduled closing.

I am not an insurance agent.  Call your insurance agent as soon as you have your home under contract.  It is a good idea to ask them about any wind mitigation surveys or four point inspections that may be needed as well before the inspections are ordered. These additional inspections can result in lower premiums.

And while you are checking on homeowner insurance consider whether flood insurance is a good idea.  Your homeowner insurance typically does not cover flooding caused by storms and hurricanes.

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