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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Preparing to Sell Your Home: Pre-List Efforts Pay!

In a market where the prices are rising slowly and appraisals can sometimes be challenging.  In such a market some sellers wonder if a  pre-listing appraisal will help them. 

I have never suggested a pre-listing appraisal while on a listing appointment.   While an appraisal does consider what has sold it does not evaluate and advise based on current competition. 

A seller needs to set their price based on the current competition, listing prices and recent sold properties. 

However, an appraisal only considers sold properties.  And these sold properties may have gone under contract two or more months ago.  Now if there was  a major difference in my comps and the seller's thinking then I may invite the appraisal.

Sellers should be confident that a local real estate agent can provide a market analysis to establish the price point.  Of course, it is the seller's job to accept, reject or recommend a different listing price.  Most often, sellers go with their professional as that is why they hired them!

Pre-listing inspections can very often help a great deal.  Many times a seller will be confident their home is in excellent condition.  Still, most sellers have never been on the roof, in the attic or tested the appliances for efficiency and function.  This is especially true when it comes to an older house.

Preparation is key.  That is something I always recommend. 

I showed a house last week that has been on the market for almost a month.  It was beyond awful.  The pet smells, the filth, the kitchen...I do not know where to begin.

Will the prospective buyers go back or even keep it on their short list?  I know the answer...No!

Sellers have only one chance to make the cut!  That is true even in a seller's market like Brevard County, Florida.

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