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Monday, May 09, 2016

The First Step to Take When Buying a Home

I held an open house on Saturday at my listing located in Rockledge, Florida (897 Brunswick Lane).  The home for sale in Rockledge generated a lot more activity than I had expected.  

I guess the reality is there are not as many move in ready homes for sale in Brevard County so buyers scramble to view as many as possible as soon as possible!

One of the things that struck me was how many of those who stopped in had no focused plan as to buying a house. 

Buying a home is an orderly process that requires planning.

As one who likes to educate home buyers on the process of buying a home in Florida, I spent a great deal of time with folks and ended up extending the open house for more than an hour. 

On Saturday I found prospective buyers had not done taken the first step.... getting their own Realtor.

If you are considering the purchase of a home get your Realtor first.  Your Realtor will discuss the market, assess your needs and point you in the right direction on day one.

One of the first places your Realtor will point you is to a mortgage lender.   Unless one is a cash buyer then the ability to purchase is likely to be determined by the mortgage pre-approval and qualification.    If one is a first time buyer then there are some special monies very often available to assist with the purchase.  Your Realtor and lender will be able to provide this information.

Many of the prospective buyers had already reasoned out their requirements.  But the requirements will need to be weighed against the budget and market prices.

This is another reason buyers need to get their Realtor first.  Stopping by open houses is nice but buyers should remember the agent on the sign out front almost always works for the seller.

Get your own Realtor...the seller pays for their services not you!

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