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Monday, June 20, 2016

Home Buyer Tips: Should Your Real Estate Agent Recommend a Specific Lender?

When a prospective buyer contacts me I, like most experienced real estate agents, always ask "those" questions.   Many of these focus on a prospect's ability to purchase.  Specifically, the existence of a mortgage pre-approval is high on the list. 

But, as a real estate agent, I don't make specific recommendations on a particular lender.

I am not licensed in the mortgage field.   However, I do count it as a responsibility, if asked, to point my client to one (or several) trusted lenders.

Once a lender is contacted the lender can discuss the specific types of loan to consider based on their credit history, needs and resources.

Once the mortgage pre-approval is in place then the focus can shift to the properties to view.    

Once a buyer's real estate agent knows the type of mortgage a buyer will be using then specific properties can be included and excluded.

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