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Monday, August 22, 2016

Buying a Home in Florida: Can I Move In Early?

Sure, a buyer could move in early if the seller approves.  

However, there is always a..... 

But that move in would likely need to be in the form of a tenant-landlord relationship with specific lease terms in place.  I would also recommend having significant security deposits in place.

Buyers need to understand the seller is exposed to risks if they move in early.  There could be insurance issues.  Does the seller's policy cover the soon to be buyer's personal property?  Does the insurance cover the seller if someone moves in as a tenant?  The soon to be buyer's homeowner policy likely does not cover them in the pre-purchase phase.

I am not an attorney but, as a real estate broker, I always recommend against such arrangements.  For some of the reasons above and others.

After-all, when is a deal a deal?  When it has closed.  In the real world stuff happens...  lost jobs, family emergencies, illness or whatever.

Assuming the prospective buyer moves in early and does a final walk through prior to the early move in and then the HVAC fails or one of the appliances die?   Could a prospective buyer say they were not going to close until repaired or replaced?

And if the deal does go south (why do deals never go north?)....eviction can be a long process.

Again, I am not an attorney however I would recommend a seller discuss the question of an early move in with an attorney as well as their insurance carrier before responding.   Most real estate agents are not attorneys and should not be straying into this territory.

My advice.... follow the normal process.

Move in after closing

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