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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Home Buyer Tips: Whether Buying a Burger or House Price is Based on Product Offered.

There once was a gentleman named Joe Consumer.  Joe went to the local Burger King and placed an order for a Whopper.  Joe tells the cashier "hold the pickle, lettuce and no mayo, please."

When it is time to pay Joe Consumer instructs the cashier to deduct the value of the unused items

The likely response will be no.  "You see, says the cashier, the price is based on the product offered."

Now that same consumer becomes a home buyer.

Their diligent real estate agent finds the best house for them based on the very tight inventory of available move in ready homes.

Now in deciding on the offer price the buyer instructs his real estate agent to deduct the value of the outbuilding (pickle), porch (lettuce) or pool (mayo) because I will not be using them.

Joe Consumer puts it plainly... "Why should I pay for something that has no value to me?"

His real estate agent responds with a simple "the price should be based on product offered."

Still the agent prepares the offer as instructed by his client.

The next week the real estate agent meets Joe Consumer to look at more houses.

The End.

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