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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Home Seller Tips: Is it "move in ready" or not?

Not too many years ago the term "move in ready" was defined as no leaks, all appliances present and capable of being financed!

Maybe that is a bit of a superficial definition.  

My point is people were not as picky back in the 2004-2006 time-frame when there were way more buyers than sellers.

During the big run up of a decade ago, buyers would often acquiesce and buy before the prices went even higher.

Times have changed.

This is a seller's market and move in ready homes are commanding top dollar here in Florida.

But buyers (and appraisers) are no longer lax in their definition of move in ready or finance-able.

If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home consider the competition.  

Sellers logically want to get top dollar.  And with a shortage of inventory of homes buyers are willing to compete for "the house."

Move in ready is defined by the buyer however common expectations among buyers include things like:
  • Roof - End of life or in need of replacement roof is a turn off. Who wants to pay top dollar and put a roof on in a few years?  Besides, buyers may have issues with obtaining homeowner insurance. 
  • Air Conditioning - This is Florida.  It is AC weather about ten months out of the year.  Energy efficiency is an issue for many buyers. Do not be surprised if the buyers want to see the utility bills for the past year or two. And don't forget that "original equipment" water heater.  Sure it may last twenty years but should it?  
  • Kitchen - Old appliances and "vintage" kitchen cabinetry are not positives. 
  • Flooring - Worn carpet, old vinyl is more than a cosmetic turn off.  Again, buyers want to move in and rarely buy flooring or even paint right away.  
  • Bathrooms - Like the kitchen, old, vintage and classic are not descriptions buyers are seeking when reviewing your agent's marketing materials!
If a seller is intent on receiving top dollar for their move in ready home, then it is critical they see their home through the eyes of the buyer!

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