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Monday, September 12, 2016

Home Seller Tips: Leave or Stay? What to do during a showing.

The short answer is simple...

If at all possible leave during all showings.  Sometimes there are small children , pets or disabilities that prevent leaving.  In these cases it may be possible to limit your presence to the back porch or maybe a single room..

The long version.....

As a seller why would you want to stay during a showing?     I can understand a seller being curious about what the buyers think.  I can understand some sellers are concerned about people prying through their inner sanctum.  I can even understand some sellers who are so proud of their home they have to make sure buyers do not overlook the qualities!

However, as a seller, consider these...
  • You have hired a real estate agent to market your home which includes pointing out all those top qualities! 
  • Your real estate agent coordinates showing requests and scheduling so as to minimize interference with major scheduling issues (nap time, company, etc.).  
  • Your real estate agent will attempt to get feedback from showing Realtors.  This is a real challenge because probably less than 25% of buyer agents will give feedback.  And, if provided, many times it is absolutely useless.  Of course the best feedback is an offer! 
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