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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Home Buyer Tips: Some overlooked areas when shopping for a home....

The parts of a property that get the most attention with home buyers are kitchens and bathrooms.  After all, these spaces are pretty much going to be used the way they are unless additional remodel money is in the budget.  

And while these ares are key there are some other less glamorous areas that can get overlooked during the home shopping process.   

What are these areas?

In a nutshell...think storage. 
  • In the kitchen consider pantry size and location (I have seen a few homes recently that did not have a pantry at all and relied on kitchen cabinet storage). 
  • Consider the closet space.  While the master bedroom closets often get the first look consider the other bedrooms - especially if there are kids.  And while smaller children and smaller closets may be fine think long term!
  • Check out the garage completely.  What are the overall dimensions?   Is there shelving or room to install shelving later?  Is there attic storage?  How much space is available after the vehicles are placed in the garage?   If a buyer has a large pickup truck with extended cab, etc. then will the garage be long enough as well as tall enough?   Be especially mindful of three car garages...most don't hold three cars!    Inside parking is a requirement in some places.  For example, there are some developments here in the Viera and Suntree are that do not allow a car or truck outside at night.    I have had several deals go through only after the garage test! 
  • Lastly, consider the usable floor space.  While the room sizes may look good on paper consider the location of doors and angles.  How much space will be needed to open doors (thereby reducing usable floor space for furniture).  A tape measure can be a valuable tool when looking at homes.

While the general layout, presentation and "feel" may say "yes" buyers need to consider the less awe inquiring aspects of a house - like basic space.

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