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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Home Buyer Tips: Which comes first, lifestyle or house?

For some this is almost like the "Which came first the chicken or egg?" question.  However the answer is more dependent on the individual than anything else.

When I ask most prospective home-buyers about their desires the focus is almost always on the house.  This is great for me because it helps narrows the search.

However, there is more to the decision for most people than the usual size, age, price stuff.  

There are the lifestyle issues.  Of course, "lifestyle" covers so many characteristics.  

For some it could mean community characteristics (55+ community, gated golf course community, water front living, hobbies).   For others it could mean proximity to work, shopping, restaurants, places of worship.  

For commuters it may mean ease of access to major airports or major highways.  Still, for others it could be focused on school quality and colleges.   And then some like the freedom to do what they like (i.e. absence of association rules and fees).

Lifestyle encompasses almost all things including economics, habits, attitudes, tastes, etc. 

It is how one lives their life.

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Lets talk about the lifestyle you seek and the best place to buy that Florida home!

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