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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Selling Your Florida Home After a Hurricane - The Sign Out Front Survived!

It is Florida and yes, hurricanes happen.   Thankfully not frequently but often enough to make buyers question every house they view.

Just last week I was showing homes and my buyers ask about the roof.   Specifically, they wanted to know if the roof had been replaced since the last hurricanes.  Those hurricanes were in 2004.

Many buyers research the building/construction codes for the latest updates and then search for homes built to those standards.

Now we have had a new encounter named Matthew.    So, for the near future, prospective buyers will ask about damage from hurricane Matthew.

If you are considering selling your house anytime soon  (or in the next ten years) do some documenting now!

If your home is currently listed call your agent and discuss having an inspection performed as soon as clean up has occurred.  Even if there is no apparent damage an inspection can be reassuring to prospective buyers.

Go one step further... take pictures and videos now

While videos and photos are excellent for insurance claim documentation they could also serve to reassure prospective buyers of the property's ability to handle a hurricane encounter.  Don't forget to take pictures of the areas ability to handle a large amount of rainfall (or not).  Just because a home is not in a flood zone doesn't mean the drainage is slow.

If there is water damage, get it repaired correctly (professionally).   Remember, sellers are required to disclose non readily visible repair issues. 

If your home is already on the market update the seller property disclosures now.    What happens when a home under contract is damaged?

I remember not long ago seeing a property disclosure that said no roof problems.   Then I found an old listing from the same seller with a disclosure that said "roof damage repaired from previous hurricane."

Sellers do forget so that is another good reason for documentation now.   Buyers remember this as well:  sellers disclose, buyers verify.

Buyers, if you are considering a home a particular area, it may be worthwhile to take a drive through the area (when it is safe to do so). 

Hurricanes, hot weather, slow drivers....the price we pay to live in Florida!

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