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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Will Pokemon Go Help Your Sell Your Viera Home?

Pokemon Go seems to be the big rage these days.  So how can you use Pokemon Go to help sell your Viera, Florida home?

What is selling a house?  It is a process where real people interact with real people to sell a real product.

What is Pokemon Go?  It is a game where players interact between the real and make believe.

While Pokemon Go has apparently stirred the interest of those playing virtual games it likely will not sell your home.

Selling your home is not a game. 

It is a serious process.  It does not involve collecting multiple various characters and getting points or whatever. 

It involves collecting one character (a buyer) and getting real money.

Want to use make believe with your real estate marketing?   Have your agent utilize virtual designs in staging your vacant home.  

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