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Monday, November 07, 2016

How to Start Your New Florida Home Search

There are two key steps to the home search.  Sure there are lots of steps in the process but the beginning point is key.

The first step... ability to purchase.  I have heard it said only once in the past thirteen years that"money was no object."  By the way, it was. 

Buyers always start with a budget in mind - even the most wealthy!

Prospective home-buyers, especially those relying on a mortgage, must begin with the budget established.  While there may be some room to modify it somewhat later its good to have a starting (and ending point) in mind.

Getting a budget established begins with a mortgage pre-approval.  Contact a local mortgage lender.   The mortgage pre-approval involves placing application, providing documentation of earnings, etc and having your credit history, income and current obligations reviewed.  All you have to do once a pre-approval is accomplished is find the property that meets the budget and loan type. 

The second step is to identify the primary area for your home search and finding a local real estate agent who knows the area.   Your real estate agent will assist in the process by helping you identify your needs and priorities.  Then your real estate agent will provide listings of active properties meeting your needs.

The key point here is identification of the area.  It is often fun to search the internet for a house based on price, size, age etc.   And while the price may be right, the age and size correct, then neighborhood may be totally disqualifying,

Begin your search within specified location limits.  Then rely on your agent for suggestions to location changes, if needed.  A good house in a bad location is not really a good house!

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