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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Moving to Brevard County, Florida - Define the Area First

While it is critical to have the mortgage lined up before searching for a new home it is equally critical to identify the area early on as well.

Anyone considering buying a home in Brevard County, Florida should especially identify the area early on in the process.  In this area geography is important because Brevard County is about 80 miles north to south and runs along the Atlantic coast.  Between the north and south boundaries are lots of options! 

In terms of real estate there really are four distinct geographical areas in Brevard County.   Not surprisingly, price varies by geography as well.  It is true what they say - it is all about location!

The northern extremes in the Titusville and Mims areas are less densely populated with more rural options.  At the southern extreme of the county the population is most dense (Palm Bay area) with prices being more affordable. 
Then there are the "beach side" areas.  This includes "the island" better known as Merritt Island.  I like to tell folks that if there is a causeway to be crossed there will be a higher price to pay.  I know that is a generalization! 

Still, the closer one gets to water, the higher the price.  Of course, some water is much more costly like ocean front and riverfront.  There is a slight drop if one opts for a navigable canal property. 

Beyond the general geography defining the search area takes on many considerations.

For some it could be the commute time to work, school or even the airport for commuters.   For others it may be the quality of the local/assigned schools.  For others it could be the lifestyle such as proximity to golf courses, beaches, cruise terminals or whatever.

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