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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Selling Your Home Requires Three Ps..... and one is not patience!

I have previously written multiple articles about the Three Ps of selling a home.    Briefly, the Ps involve three critical components of the marketing process.

First, of course, is pricing.  Price within the competition, consider motivation and the circumstances surrounding sale (estate, short sale, transfer, down-size, etc.).

The second is preparation which really needs very little explanation.  This involves the obvious - deferred maintenance, de-cluttering, cleaning, etc.

The last is just as important as pricing - presentation.  Presentation is a broad category.

Presentation covers the obvious areas like the way a house looks.  But a more important aspect of presentation is the "presenting" or ability of prospective buyers to actually view the property.

[There is another "P" but it is up to a seller's real estate agent to handle that one - promotion.  Your real estate agent must possess the knowledge to get the property information in front of as many potential buyers as possible.]

I was showing homes in the Suntree area of Melbourne earlier this week.  One of the homes my customers wanted to see was unavailable because the seller only allowed showings for limited hours on Sundays.  This particular arrangement makes me wonder about second showings should a prospect narrow their choices to a couple of houses.  

By the way, what does a second showing really mean?  It could mean several things, such as:
  1. An offer is in the works, 
  2. You are in the running with several properties, 
  3. Your house is being used to justify an offer on another house or condo.
Of these possibilities the first two are positive.  Number three is a bad signal.

Second showings are usually a good sign. 

In this case will a prospective buyer have to wait until the next Sunday to get back inside?  My guess is probably not!   I would like to think a seller would accommodate a second showing outside of the window of opportunity defined as Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  If not, then perhaps motivation (or lack thereof) is the issue.

Motivated sellers try to accommodate all reasonable showing requests.  The more people who see a home increases the chance an offer arrives (and shortens the disruptions caused by the selling process).

I believe there is a golden period when a listing creates the most excitement.   The "golden period" is a term I coined to describe the first two weeks a property is listed.   This is when a seller needs to dazzle them early!

Most real estate agents and motivated buyers watch for new listings.  The first sign a home is not priced right is no showings during what I call the "golden period."

It is during its first two weeks a listing will garner the most activity. Restricting showings is a waste of time!  If your home is not getting the traffic you desire read this "There is a Reason Why Your Home is not Being Viewed!"

Ready to sell your Viera, Florida home?  Call or text me at 321-693-3850 and lets get the ball rolling!

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