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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Home Buyer Tips: Are Builder Upgrades Worth It?

Like most things in life the answer depends on the circumstances.

If one is already committed to buying a new home and has already decided on the model and the upgrades are offered as an enticement to go forward then why not take the upgrades?

If the upgrades are add-ons to the agreed upon model with up charges then think twice.

My view of builder upgrades is much like the "options" car dealers like to throw into the price of your new car.   I know some options like pin striping have already been added so you can't easily opt out of those. 

I have seen a lot of these "Builder offers $15,000 in upgrades."  Look at these upgrades and the "free price."  Quite often the builder is quoting full non-competitive retail prices much like a car dealer with optional packages..

But with a house to be constructed the buyer is in charge - really.

Builders will negotiate.  Of course if it is the last model in a development like Heritage Isle in Viera there may be more competition among buyers and less give by the builder.

What is the secret to buying new construction from the builder?  First, get your own real estate agent before you go see the builder model.  

The reason - the builder representative works for (represents) the builder - not the buyer.  In Florida there is no such thing as dual representation so there can be no representation of both sides.

So why not get your own real estate agent when the builder will pay your agent's professional fee?  

Your real estate agent can even negotiate on your behalf if you desire.  Your real estate agent can guide you through the process to closing making key recommendations along the way including things like the often forgotten property inspection.  Yes, I do representative property inspections on new construction.

Important Point Here.....  Your real estate agent should accompany you on your first visit to the model center. 

One final general comment regarding the upgrades and builder options...Consider the disruption and additional hassles to have something done later.  If you are going to do it later why not go forward at construction?  

So are builder upgrades worth it?  Re-read sentence one above!

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