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Monday, February 06, 2017

Home Seller Tips: What Does Under Contract Really Mean?

Once a house is under contract the time to rest has not yet arrived.  While the major parts of the transaction rest with the buyer side there are still some things sellers should not ignore.

Number one on the list is maintenance.

Among the most important post-contract items is the property inspection.   Sellers need to remember that under contract is not sold!

All sellers should consider having a pre-listing inspection.   Proper pre-listing efforts can lessen the chance there will be issues found during the inspection. 

And if an issue is discovered during the pre-listing inspection then a seller has choices like
  • repair or mitigate in some way, 
  • disclose and price accordingly,  
  • and the never recommended ignore and hope!
Ignoring any repair issues (especially major systems like AC, plumbing, roof, electrical) and leaving it to chance without preparation is gambling with the entire transaction

Under contract does not mean sold.  What it really means is "maybe sold."  Under contract is a strong maybe.

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