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Monday, March 13, 2017

Nothing Lasts Forever - Plan to Sell Your House on the Day You Buy!

Deferred is never it exercise, credit card payments or home maintenance!

Once again I spent the weekend showing homes for sale in the Melbourne, Florida area.  Once again, I saw houses that showed signs of deferred maintenance. 

The cost of deferred maintenance when selling is magnified when selling.

Here is one of the most simple rules of real estate when selling a home:   Buyers are always looking for a reason to give you less money

Many times a seller may look at the little issues as what they are - little annoyances, minor repairs.  Still, many buyers will see them and often wonder what else is looming that can't be seen!

Many of these deferred items are not expensive repairs but rather stuff like failed light switches, fences and gates, dripping faucets, missing or cracked tiles, little holes in drywall from that "accident," etc.  

It could be the stain in the ceiling from a roof repaired or replaced several years ago or that screening over the pool (pools are big selling points - when maintained!).

One agent I know recommended home buyers budget a couple of mortgage payments a year in maintenance - and do it!  

So what do I tell buyers when they see these little things?   First I always remind them that any offer will have an inspection contingency so if there are real serious problems we can walk away.  

As for the deferred annoyances, there is another simple real estate rule.... those items that is making this home cheaper today will also make it cheaper when you sell if you do nothing.

As a buyer plan to do the things necessary to sell your house on day one!

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