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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Home Buyer Tips: "As Is" "Where Is".... What is a buyer to do?

In the current Florida real estate market many sellers are opting for listing their property "as is" as opposed to leaving the door open for negotiation on repairer.  This marketing strategy works well when the property is
  1. in reasonably good condition or
  2. marketed with known problems identified and priced accordingly.
So how does a buyer approach proprieties being sold "as is?"

No differently than any other property.

Most offers to purchase (here in Florida) have an inspection contingency.  This inspection allows the prospective buyer the opportunity to have the property inspected and then decide whether they want to proceed. I like to call his a get out of jail free card because there is no pass or fail on the inspection itself.  It is simply a buyer's subjective decision.

My advice to buyers is simple.  Lets do as much preliminary"poking around" as possible before making an offer.  Of course in a market where there are more buyers than sellers taking too long can be a mistake

If the mortgage is VA or FHA there are some basic condition issues that need to be right to get through the appraisal (think roof, AC, plumbing, electrical). 

If financing is going to be a challenge (aside from obtaining an FHA 203k loan)  then it may be best to keep looking.  Of course repairs and overall condition depends on the buyer's experience and circumstances.  Most buyers want a move in ready home - not a fixer upper project!

So what does a prospective buyer do with an inspection report?   A word of caution about property inspection reports...The report can be pretty comprehensive and look, on the surface, to be much worse than it is because most inspectors includes facts about the property as well.

As a home buyer you should never ever ever offer to purchase a home without an inspection contingency.   Still, buyers must keep in mind, regardless of outcome, an inspection report is only an assessment a property’s condition at one specific point in time.

Based on the buyer's response to the report, real estate agents take an action as directed by the client.  This action may be 
  • request repairs be made (sometimes sellers acquiesce!)
  • negotiate a reduction in the contract price (think a bird in the hand),
  • a combination of the first two, or
  • just cancel the contract.  Sometimes walking away is he best choice!  
Either way, buyers should exercise their due diligence period efficiently (inspect quickly, decide quickly) because in the current market the next house may sell before they get to it!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Going It Alone - Selling Your House Without a Realtor

I had a conversation with someone yesterday who is considering selling their house without a real estate agent.

Can it be done?  Sure.

Is it really as easy as putting a sign out front?  Sure.

Are there risks when going it alone?  Sure.

What are some of the risks?  While some of these would be considered risks some I would classify as concerns.  Either way, they should be contemplated by anyone attempting to go it alone.

First, the primary risk is to a seller's health and welfare.  As a real estate agent safety is a primary concern for those of us ewho do it every day.  Whoa re these strangers you will be letting into your house?  Are they really buyers or someone surveying their next target?  Are they interested in buying or looking for drugs, guns or items to steal?  Are they looking for an opportunity to steal valuable papers?  This should be a seller's primary concern - period.

How does a seller set their price?    There is more than just pulling a price out of the air or taking what some website like Zillow says your house is worth?  AT the other end of the spectrum what about Zillow under valuing your house?  Does Zillow really know your house's history, updates and upgrades?  When Zillow calculates your home's worth do they know how it really compares to a similar house in a different neighborhood?  Not really.  I have found people, whether buyer or seller, will use Zillow when it supports their position and discount it when the opposite is true!

Pricing a house for the market is an art.  But the art is a complex art taking multiple variables, scenarios and circumstances into consideration.

As a do it yourself seller how much do you really know about the competition?  Sure you can look at the MLS listings or surf some sites like Zillow or Trulia but there are other variables.  And it is the sold competition that matters more than the current for sale homes.

Preparing a home for the market make a tremendous difference in the time taken to sell as well as the price received.  I saw an advertisement on TV a few days ago that said "so and so real estate agent" sold my house in two days.

I will let you in on a secret - the worst agent in the world can sell your house in two days!   In the current market it is common for a house to be under contract within a few days or a couple of weeks.  But the key is managing that competition.

The one truth about selling your house - the market sets the price. Not some agent, not what a seller paid plus updates, not what a seller wants....

If a seller wants to go it along, I always wish them well and offer my assistance if desired.

If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home on your own here are a few articles about selling and preparing your home. Please feel free to review them and even contact me if you have a question.
The real estate process involves a lot of complexities like disclosures, surveys, appraisals, escrow deposits, walk through inspections, and the like.  The process is logical and ordered.  Understand it before you get started to prevent problems along the way.  
About six years ago I wrote a short article outlining the secret to selling your house.  There is no reason to read the original article as this summary tells it all....

Everyone wants to know what "the secret" is to selling their home.  Is it any wonder why so many books have been written pitching "the secret to WHATEVER!”  

There is no real secret to selling your house.

Selling requires:
  1. preparing your home for sale 
  2. pricing you home to sell 
  3. promoting your home to expose it to your potential buyer pool.
  4. quickly getting an offer...longer on market, less appeal, "The golden period!"

If you are considering selling your Brevard County, Florida home, especially Viera and Rockledge, call or text me at 321-693-3850 to discuss your plans.

Brevard County, Florida Residential Real Estate Market Summary April 2017

Below is a summary of the Brevard County Residential real estate market for April 2017:
  • Closed Sales - down -8.6% for April 2017 with 805 units closed compared to 881 in April 2016. Also there was a decrease in cash sales of -28% compared to April 2016.
  • New Pending Sales - increased 22.2%.
  • New Listings - down -3.2%.
  • Median Sales Price for Brevard Single Family homes - up 13.8% to $204,655 compared to a year ago which was $179,900.
  • Months Supply of Inventory - down -16.7% at 2.5 months compared to 3 months in April 2016.
  • Traditional Sales -  fell -4.9% with a median sales price of $210,000.
  • Foreclosure/REO Sales - down -45.1% with a median sales price of $119,500.
  • Short Sale Closings -  down -41.7% with a median sales price of $120,000.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Home Seller Tips: "jiggle the handle after flushing" is not a good sign!

Most sellers begin with a reluctance to do much to prepare for selling - if it costs money.    But sellers should reconsider because just because you lived with it does not mean a buyer will want to as well.

It is really pretty obvious when I take buyers in a home where he seller has skimped on preparation.  I had a closing yesterday and I told my buyer that her efforts to sell begin today.  On day one of ownership a house must be cared for as if it was being readied for the market.

There are lots of preparation items that do not cost a lot of money.  Cleanliness is key and does not require a lot of money.  Clutter can be addressed without a lot of expense.  De-personalizing the house by removing too many pictures, trophies and personal belongings.  These are inexpensive efforts to prepare a house.

And then there are some things that really don't require a to of money.  

A sign taped on the toilet that says "jiggle the handle after flushing" or "hold the handle down when flushing" does not make the right impression.... I have seen both in homes for sale!

A new coat of paint on the front door is not expensive but can really enhance first impressions.  Burned out lights or broken fixtures are inexpensive fixes.

Dripping faucets, especially the ones that have dripped so long they have made marks in the sink or tub, do not make a good impression.

Sellers must face the fact.... Buyers look for ways to pay less, don't help them!

Buyers do not ignore this fact... Selling your house begins the day you buy it!

Here are a few articles with suggestions for preparing your house for the market.
Ready to sell your Melbourne, Florida home?  Call me to discuss how I can work for you today.  Send me a text as well at 321-6933850.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Just Sold - 1366 Sangria Circle Rockledge, Florida $222.000

My buyer happily closed today on this 2014 built home located in the gated development of Sierra Lakes in Rockledge, Florida.  This 1,873 square foot home with four bedrooms two baths and a two car garage  sold for $222,000.  Brick paver driveway, screened porch as well as a brick paver patio and fenced yard. 

For information on buying or selling a home in Rockledge, Florida call or text me at 321-693-3850.

Buying a Home: Your Realtor Should Be Your Advocate

I recently had a caller inquiring about a property they viewed on the internet.  "The internet" is the vast space filled with....inaccuracies.

Lets face it - inaccuracy is the rule for most of the Internet.

My most common response to questions like the caller's is simply "the price is low for a reason."

Its pretty easy to discount an obviously overpriced listing.  Either it is an over-improvement for the location (bad move) or an overly optimistic hopeful seller.

As for the under-priced listing the story can be more complex or less evident.

Every seller has a thought process behind the price.

As a buyer understanding the seller's pricing strategy may not always possible.     So a buyer must approach listing by being informed, educated and inquisitive.

How is this done?   By choosing the right real estate agent to represent you during your purchase. 

Realtors who possess local knowledge, experience and is not afraid to provide realistic expectations deliver satisfied customers.

If you are considering buying a home get an advocate.... and the seller's agent is not an advocate for the buyer

I was looking at RVs over the weekend.  Not one RV salesperson came across as my advocate.  No different than going to a car lot. 

Have you ever met a car salesman who was the buyer's advocate?  

Buying a house is not the same as buying a car or an RV.  Your real estate professional should have only one goal - providing enough information to allow an educated, non-pressured decision that meets your budget and timeline.

Ready to buy a home in Rockledge, Florida?  Call or text me at 321-693-3850 if I can be your advocate.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Brevard County, Florida Residential Real Estate Market Summary - First Quarter 2017

Below is a summary of the Brevard County Residential Real Estate Market for the first quarter of 2017 compared to Q1 of 2016.
  • Closed Sales - down -0.7% for Q1 2017 in which the number of units closed was 2,158 compared to 2,174 in Q1 2016 with a decrease in cash sales of -15.2% compared to Q1 2016.
  • New Pending Sales - down -2.7%
  • New Listings - up 4.6%.
  • Median Sales Price for Brevard Single Family homes - increased 16.1% to $196,250 compared to a year ago which was $169,000.
  • Months Supply of Inventory - decreased -7.4% at 2.5 months compared to 2.7 months in Q1 2016.
  • Traditional Sales - up 7.6% with a median sales price of $200,000.
  • Foreclosure/REO Sales - down -53.6% with a median sales price of $140,000.
  • Short Sale Closings - down -45.9% with a median sales price of $235,000. 
For information on homes for sale in Central Florida, call or text me ta 321-693-3850.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Selling Your House: Buyers Look For Reasons to Pay Less. Don't Help Them!

I have the most wonderful grandchildren in the world.  It is amazing how smart, well behaved and beautiful they are....!

Now, let me go from boasting, proud papa to a "tell it like it is" Viera, Florida real estate broker.

Rarely have I met a prospective seller who did not believe their house shined brighter than any other property in the neighborhood. 

In some cases this was the case. However, most often it was not really so when the comparable sales and listing competition were reviewed.

This usually happens during the listing interview when I ask them for their opinion of value.

There is nothing wrong with pride but when selling a home the harsh reality is this... buyers look for reasons to pay less while sellers look for reasons to hope for more

Knowing this up front sellers can proceed to prepare for the sales process by looking for and mitigating the reasons buyers will rationalize a lower price.

Here I am referring to real or perceived reasons and not the irrational low ball offers from less than serious buyers. 

This is the time for a seller to commit to identifying issues and addressing them - either with repair or pricing for the issue (and your agent marketing as such).

How are issues addressed?  First, sellers can take the blinders off and ask themselves what doesn't work right.  It could be dripping faucets or whatever.  

Think about first impressions.... Sellers can ask themselves if their house looks appealing from the street. 

Sellers, your real estate agent should be honest and forthright and make suggestions to improve curb appeal and presentation. 

Sellers, consider a pre-listing home inspection.  And, if an inspection is performed, do something with the results.  If no issues are found, make a copy of the report available.  If issues were found, address them by corrective action or disclosure and price.

The key to selling at list price is to follow the Three Ps of Selling...price appropriately, prepare your product, and present in its best light.

If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home, please give me a call at 321-693-3850 to discuss how I can help you.

Call or send me an email to request a free market analysis.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Can a Florida Home Purchase Be Closed in 30 Days?

I am currently working with a buyer. We found a house and submitted an offer.  The offer, reasonable for the market, includes a closing date of approximately 45 days in the future.

The seller's are wanting a thirty day close.

The seller's agent has explained to them that 30 days is tight in the current real estate market.  The lender has stated that if they receive everything they need 30 days is possible.  

I have concerns about having a contract with a close by date on 30 days in the future when there is a mortgage involved.    Please read the buyer links at the bottom.

What are some of my concerns....
  • Step one, property inspection.   Good home inspectors and termite inspectors usually have packed schedules in this busy market. Having the inspections done within 10-15 days is a rush anyway.  And recommending less than top notch inspection companies is not in my playbook.
  • Buyers have to do the stuff.   As an agent I do not order inspections, surveys, get insurance quotes or the like (you order it, you are responsible for paying is my mantra.).  With buyers who work and have limited "shopping time" coordinating insurance quotes adds to the process. 
  • Mortgage applications take time.  Even if all the required supporting documentation has been provided - lenders and underwriting departments verify everything.   History of employment, salary, tax returns, bank statements and other items are potential inquiry areas.
  • Appraisals take time.  Buyers have no control over who the appraisers are or in ordering the appraisal - only paying for it!   be done. 
  • Surveys are the almost final step.  While survey companies are  pretty responsive it still takes time when they are already busy!   
  • The other critical player.   While the buyer and seller are the two most important players the closing agent (title company) ultimately is the one who makes the transaction happen.   The closing agent (title company) gets all the paperwork completed, conducts title research, prepares the closing documents, gets lender approval, serves as the middle person for the finds distribution, and coordinates all the signatures, etc.  And they are doing this for multiple transactions with multiple schedules!  
  • My last concern about a thirty day closing involves holidays - especially holiday weekends such as the upcoming  three day weekend for Memorial Day.  Three day weekends often mean four day weekends because folks very often take the Friday off as well. 
In our Florida real estate contracts there is a phrase in bold stating "Time is of the essence."  Contracts have dates that are critical. And ignoring these can create problems.   Every party must know their role and be responsive at every step.

 A thirty day closing when a mortgage is involved is do-able but a challenge thus the preferred 45 days or less!  Of course, cash purchases can be done in a matter of days!   

Questions about buying a home in Viera, Florida?  Call or text me at 321-693-3850.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Grand Isle in Viera, Florida 55+ Community May 2017 Market Report

There are three gated 55+ communities in Viera, Florida.  This short post provides a market report for the Grand Isle development which is located in central Brevard County along the Space Coast about 45 miles from Orlando.  

While Grand Isle is not the largest of the three 55+ communities in Viera (about 340 homes) it is one of the most popular!  Unlike Heritage Isle in Viera, Grand Isle only consists of single family detached homes. (Heritage Isle has patio homes and condos n addition to single family homes.)

Homes in Grand Isle were all built in the early 2000s by Lennar Builders (approximately 2000-2005). Grand Isle residents enjoy a private club house, pool, tennis courts, fitness center and much more.  Oh, and the best thing, no outside maintenance!

The below market report represents listings and sales as reported in the Brevard multiple listing service as of today, May 8, 2017.

What is for sale at Grand Isle in Viera?

Grand Isle usually does not have a lot of choices when it comes to homes for sale.  And right now is no different.
Currently there are five homes for sale in Grand Isle.   List prices range from $259,900 to $364,900.  All of the sales are standard (fair market) sales.

All of these homes were built in 2003 and 2004 and offer from just over 2,000 sq.ft. under air to almost 2,500 sq.ft.  The two highest priced homes (both over $300,000 have private in ground screened pools.

Of course, a pool is not a necessity with the club facilities offered to residents!  These homes have been on the market from 22 to 88 days.

What has recently sold in Grand Isle?

Over the past six months there have been ten homes sold in Grand Isle.  Selling prices ranged from $249,900 to $319,000.  Since April 1, 2017 there have been three homes sold in Grand Isle.   These sales included:
  • 1652 Keys Gate Drive - 3 bedroom 2 2bath 2 car garage, 2000 built home with 1,570 sq.ft. sold for $265,000
  • 1454 Timucuan Drive - 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage, 2000 built home with 2,032 sq.ft. sold for $290,000
  • 1616 Grand Isle Blvd - 4 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garages 2004 built home with 2,470 sq.ft. sold for $319,000.
If you are interested in a 55+ community in Florida, Grand Isle (and Heritage Isle) both deserve your consideration.   Let me show you what Viera offers those seeking gated 55+ living! 

Also, ask me about the Indian River Colony Club - a different style of 55+ community where 100% of maintenance is provided for owners!

Friday, May 05, 2017

Coming Soon - Home For Sale Plantation Point, Rockledge FL $419,000 4 BR / 3.5 Bath / Pool Spa Balcony

Call me to see this four bedroom three and a half bath pool home the Plantation Point subdivision in Rockledge, Florida.

Located at 3995 Waterford Drive this home has 3,266 sq.ft. under air with a downstairs master suite!
Balcony off loft area on second floor overlooks pool and spa area.  Larger (.3 acre) corner lot, fence and ready for a new owner.

Built in 2004, this home has no carpet - all new laminate from stairs throughout second floor.  Tile on first floor except master suite which is also laminate.

Oversized garage has a "golf cart" third garage door with entry from side area.

Call or text me at 321-693-3850 to see this home now before it hits the MLS.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Florida Home Prices: What Did $250,000 Buy in Brevard County, Florida in April 2017?

What did $250,000 buy in Brevard County, Florida in April 2017?  Unless annotated in (XXXXX) the selling price as recorded in the Brevard MLS system is $250,000.

Of these closed transactions  two were foreclosures which mean the condition or circumstances of sale may have resulted in a lower than "normal" price.

Another two were located "beach side" and shows the difference a 1960s house vs. a newer home price based on location. As a general rule, the closer to water, the higher the price whether beach side, river front, canal front or even pond frontage!
  • 3585 Gurrero Drive - located in gated Heritage Isle 55+ community. 2012 built 1,672 sq.ft. 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage single family home
  • 3332 Siderwheel Drive - Located in Viera, gated community fof Capron Trace, 2006 built 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage home with 1,770 sq.ft. (foreclosure)
  • 4835 Silver Oak Blvd - Located in central Brevard's Palm Shores community this 1995 built 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage pool home with 1911 sq.ft. (foreclosure)
  • 274 Jeannie Drive - Located in Melbourne Village, this 2000 built 3 bedroom 2 bath 1 car garage home with 1744 sq.ft.
  • 2444 Tuscarora CT - West Melbourne's Hammock Lakes West subdivision, 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage built n 2004 offering 1,798 sq.ft. under air (sold for $250,500).
  • 986 Mina Ave - Located in Palm Bay this new construction home offered 4 bedrooms 2 bath 3 car garage on .39 acres (selling price $250,771)
  • 105 Anona Pl - Located beach side in Indian Harbour Beach this 1962 built 3 bedroom 2 bath 1 car garage home with fireplace (sold for $249,000).
  • 133 14th Ave - Also beach side in Indialantic this 1961 built 3 bedroom 2 bath  2 car garage home with 1,561 sq.ft. 
For information on buying a house or condo in Brevard County, Florida (Melbourne), call or text me at 321-693-3850.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Market Report - Phillips Landing in Rockledge, Florida May 2017 - Homes For Sale

Typical Phillips Landing Home
Phillips Landing subdivision in Rockledge, Florida is a deed restricted community offering good value in recent construction (2004-2013) single family homes. 

Located just off I-95 in central Brevard County, Florida, Phillips Landing offers residents a community pool, playground, parks as well as excellent schools nearby like Hans Christian Andersen Elementary and Kennedy Middle School.

Phillips Landing should be  a consideration for commuters with Orlando a short drive as well as easy travel for those working in Melbourne, at the Kennedy Space Center, beach side or Melbourne.  Also nearby are several golf courses including Turtle Creek Golf Course.

Nearby medical facilities (in Rockledge and Viera) include multiple physician offices, rehabilitation facilities, and hospitals ( Wuesthoff Hospital Rockledge, Viera Hospital).    Beaches are only about 10-12 miles away.

What is currently for sale in Phillips Landing?

Currently there are three homes for sale in Phillips Landing subdivision in Rockledge.  List prices range from $278,850 to $378,000. Home sizes vary greatly from 1,900 sq.ft. to 2,960 sq.ft.  The largest of these homes is a two story structure.  There is also one home under contract awaiting closing.

What has recently sold in Phillips Landing?

Over the past six months there have been six homes sold in Phillips Landing.  All of these sales were standard (fair market) sales which is typical of the Brevard County, Florida real estate market.

Since March 1, 2017 there have been four properties sold in Phillips Landing.  Homes sold included:

1781 Bridgeport Cir - 2013 built 4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage sold for $310,000
2181 Bridgeport Cir - 2013 built 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage sold for $248,500
2280 Bridgeport Cir -  2006 built 4 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage sold for $278,000
1483 Hemingway Blvd - 2005 built 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage sold for 233,000

For information on homes for sale in Rockledge, Florida including Phillips Landing, call or text me at 321-693-3850.

Market Report - Heritage Isle 55+ Community in Viera - May 2017

The 55+ gated community of Heritage Isle located in Viera (Melbourne, Florida) offers residents several choices of property style including condos, townhouses and single family detached houses. 

Ideally situated near shopping, medical facilities, parks, major routes, golf courses and much more, Heritage Isle offers condominiums (all two bedroom two bath), patio style homes (approximately 1,200 - 1,500 sq.ft. one car garage) and half duplex units as well as single family detached units  

The other two 55+ communities include Grand Isle which is very similar to Heritage Isle and the "country club community" of  Indian River Colony Club.

With its 21,000 sq.ft. clubhouse, heated pool and more, Heritage Isle offers residents lots of opportunities for an active lifestyle. Heritage Isle is more than a house.  It is a gated community with a lot of things to offer outside your front door.

Presented below is a snapshot of the Heritage Isle real estate market as of today, May 2, 2017.

What is currently for sale in Heritage Isle?
Currently there are seventeen homes for sale in Heritage Isle.  List prices range from $259900 to $378,500.  The median listing price in Heritage Isle is $294,000 with an average list price around $275,000. All are standard sales and range in size form almost 1,700 sq.ft. to 2,302 sq.ft. All are either 3/2 or 4/3 single family homes built between 2004 and 2015.  There are also five properties under contract awaiting closing.

What has recently sold in Heritage Isle?

Over the past six months there have been forty five homes sold in Heritage Isle with selling prices ranging from $238,000 to $445,635.  More recently (since April 1, 2017) there have been eight homes sold in Heritage Isle.  These sales included:

  • 2770 E Anza St - 4/3/3 built in 2017 with 2,277 sq.ft. sold for $403,830
  • 3850 Anza St - 4/3/3 2,268 sq.ft. 2017 built home sold for $399.990
  • 3694 Gurrero Dr - 2011 built 3/3/2 pool home with fireplace offering 2,166 sq.ft. sold for $395,000
  • 3333 Carambola Cir - 2,300 sq.ft. 2008 built 4/2/2 sold for $390,000
  • 6580 Ingalls St - 2013 built offering 2,81 sq.ft. 4/3/3 pool home sold for $375,750
  • 3775 Gurrero Dr - 1,861 sq.ft. 3/2/2 built in 2012 pool home sold for $320,000
  • 7158 Broderick Dr - 3/2/2 with 2,023 sq.f. built in 2005 sold for $253,000
  • 3585 Gurrero Dr - 1,672 sq.f. 3/2/2 built in 2012 sold for $250,000

For information on homes for sale in Heritage Isle, give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Values

In an ideal real estate world a buyer would know when the market low will hit while a seller hopes to time the sale at the height of the market.  But the ideal is rarely recognizable.

A recent buyer asked me if the values will go up later.  Such a prediction is not within my skill set although historically values have trended upward. 

The below chart from the Brevard County Property Appraiser website show a values trend for Brevard County, Florida.

This chart shows how market values in Brevard County followed the real estate sales boom to 2006 and the subsequent bubble burst. The split in non-school taxable/school taxable values in 2007 is a result of the voter-approved additional $25,000 Homestead Exemption to qualified homeowners. Savings as a result of the Save Our Homes (SOH) cap reached near $0 when values bottomed out in 2012. A tick upwards indicates that homeowners’ assessed values are again being capped well below market value per Florida law.

Similarly, a recent buyer prospect told me they would keep looking while they wait for the prices to drop.

But there is more to the real estate market than just the current prices.  There are other factors such as interest rates.  An increase in interest rates can impact a borrower's purchase amount by decreasing mortgage limits.  

Right now in Brevard County, Florida home prices have been rising steadily fueled by tighter inventory levels.   And the prospect of an increase in rates with rising prices may have hurt some protective buyers this cycle.

But, as long as affordability is still possible, the time to buy is now - not when the prices go down next time  - whenever that is.  Besides, when the prices do fall, when will a buyer know the bottom has been reached.

Ultimately the decision to buy a home is all about affordability and long term goals.

Considering buying a home in Florida, let me help you. Call or text me at 321-693-3850.


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