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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Going It Alone - Selling Your House Without a Realtor

I had a conversation with someone yesterday who is considering selling their house without a real estate agent.

Can it be done?  Sure.

Is it really as easy as putting a sign out front?  Sure.

Are there risks when going it alone?  Sure.

What are some of the risks?  While some of these would be considered risks some I would classify as concerns.  Either way, they should be contemplated by anyone attempting to go it alone.

First, the primary risk is to a seller's health and welfare.  As a real estate agent safety is a primary concern for those of us ewho do it every day.  Whoa re these strangers you will be letting into your house?  Are they really buyers or someone surveying their next target?  Are they interested in buying or looking for drugs, guns or items to steal?  Are they looking for an opportunity to steal valuable papers?  This should be a seller's primary concern - period.

How does a seller set their price?    There is more than just pulling a price out of the air or taking what some website like Zillow says your house is worth?  AT the other end of the spectrum what about Zillow under valuing your house?  Does Zillow really know your house's history, updates and upgrades?  When Zillow calculates your home's worth do they know how it really compares to a similar house in a different neighborhood?  Not really.  I have found people, whether buyer or seller, will use Zillow when it supports their position and discount it when the opposite is true!

Pricing a house for the market is an art.  But the art is a complex art taking multiple variables, scenarios and circumstances into consideration.

As a do it yourself seller how much do you really know about the competition?  Sure you can look at the MLS listings or surf some sites like Zillow or Trulia but there are other variables.  And it is the sold competition that matters more than the current for sale homes.

Preparing a home for the market make a tremendous difference in the time taken to sell as well as the price received.  I saw an advertisement on TV a few days ago that said "so and so real estate agent" sold my house in two days.

I will let you in on a secret - the worst agent in the world can sell your house in two days!   In the current market it is common for a house to be under contract within a few days or a couple of weeks.  But the key is managing that competition.

The one truth about selling your house - the market sets the price. Not some agent, not what a seller paid plus updates, not what a seller wants....

If a seller wants to go it along, I always wish them well and offer my assistance if desired.

If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home on your own here are a few articles about selling and preparing your home. Please feel free to review them and even contact me if you have a question.
The real estate process involves a lot of complexities like disclosures, surveys, appraisals, escrow deposits, walk through inspections, and the like.  The process is logical and ordered.  Understand it before you get started to prevent problems along the way.  
About six years ago I wrote a short article outlining the secret to selling your house.  There is no reason to read the original article as this summary tells it all....

Everyone wants to know what "the secret" is to selling their home.  Is it any wonder why so many books have been written pitching "the secret to WHATEVER!”  

There is no real secret to selling your house.

Selling requires:
  1. preparing your home for sale 
  2. pricing you home to sell 
  3. promoting your home to expose it to your potential buyer pool.
  4. quickly getting an offer...longer on market, less appeal, "The golden period!"

If you are considering selling your Brevard County, Florida home, especially Viera and Rockledge, call or text me at 321-693-3850 to discuss your plans.

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