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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Home Seller Tips: "jiggle the handle after flushing" is not a good sign!

Most sellers begin with a reluctance to do much to prepare for selling - if it costs money.    But sellers should reconsider because just because you lived with it does not mean a buyer will want to as well.

It is really pretty obvious when I take buyers in a home where he seller has skimped on preparation.  I had a closing yesterday and I told my buyer that her efforts to sell begin today.  On day one of ownership a house must be cared for as if it was being readied for the market.

There are lots of preparation items that do not cost a lot of money.  Cleanliness is key and does not require a lot of money.  Clutter can be addressed without a lot of expense.  De-personalizing the house by removing too many pictures, trophies and personal belongings.  These are inexpensive efforts to prepare a house.

And then there are some things that really don't require a to of money.  

A sign taped on the toilet that says "jiggle the handle after flushing" or "hold the handle down when flushing" does not make the right impression.... I have seen both in homes for sale!

A new coat of paint on the front door is not expensive but can really enhance first impressions.  Burned out lights or broken fixtures are inexpensive fixes.

Dripping faucets, especially the ones that have dripped so long they have made marks in the sink or tub, do not make a good impression.

Sellers must face the fact.... Buyers look for ways to pay less, don't help them!

Buyers do not ignore this fact... Selling your house begins the day you buy it!

Here are a few articles with suggestions for preparing your house for the market.
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