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Friday, May 12, 2017

Selling Your House: Buyers Look For Reasons to Pay Less. Don't Help Them!

I have the most wonderful grandchildren in the world.  It is amazing how smart, well behaved and beautiful they are....!

Now, let me go from boasting, proud papa to a "tell it like it is" Viera, Florida real estate broker.

Rarely have I met a prospective seller who did not believe their house shined brighter than any other property in the neighborhood. 

In some cases this was the case. However, most often it was not really so when the comparable sales and listing competition were reviewed.

This usually happens during the listing interview when I ask them for their opinion of value.

There is nothing wrong with pride but when selling a home the harsh reality is this... buyers look for reasons to pay less while sellers look for reasons to hope for more

Knowing this up front sellers can proceed to prepare for the sales process by looking for and mitigating the reasons buyers will rationalize a lower price.

Here I am referring to real or perceived reasons and not the irrational low ball offers from less than serious buyers. 

This is the time for a seller to commit to identifying issues and addressing them - either with repair or pricing for the issue (and your agent marketing as such).

How are issues addressed?  First, sellers can take the blinders off and ask themselves what doesn't work right.  It could be dripping faucets or whatever.  

Think about first impressions.... Sellers can ask themselves if their house looks appealing from the street. 

Sellers, your real estate agent should be honest and forthright and make suggestions to improve curb appeal and presentation. 

Sellers, consider a pre-listing home inspection.  And, if an inspection is performed, do something with the results.  If no issues are found, make a copy of the report available.  If issues were found, address them by corrective action or disclosure and price.

The key to selling at list price is to follow the Three Ps of Selling...price appropriately, prepare your product, and present in its best light.

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