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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Home Seller Tips: What does "Seller Motivated" Really Mean?

I just saw a new listing in our MLS where the listing agent procaine boldly "SELLER MOTIVATED!"    My general take on this approach - If the advertising proclaims "motivated seller," then likely they ain't!

Very often I get asked by prospective buyers the reason someone is selling.  Most often the answer is not clear unless it is an estate sale or the MLS entry states something job "job transfer."  The thinking by most buyers is simple - if you know the why then you know the motivation which can help land a lower price.

Seller motivation is usually signaled by three things.   I like to call these the Three Ps of Selling a house.  
  • Pricing.  A reasonable, well supported price will bring the buyers into the house.   What is a well supported price?   The likely sale price will be near the selling price of similar size, aged, location and condition homes.  The easiest comparable for a buyer's agent to come up with are those built by the same builder in the same area at the same time. 
In areas like Viera, Florida where many of the homes are simialr in design and style, there is little major differentiation in price - except for achieved by the next two Ps.
  • Preparation.  The little fixes add up really high when the buyer is pricing the repairs.  Buyers are always looking fro reasons to pay less. Simple repairs can cost hundreds or even thousands! Cleanliness costs very little but the ROI can be tremendous!   

  • Presentation.  Sellers must wow from the time a prospect pulls up out front.  Landscaping and exterior appearance set the tone.  Getting rid of the clutter and highlighting the space is crucial.  A clean, fresh smelling, well lit home can make the difference.

Sellers must "own" the process like they "own" the house!  As for being a motivated seller, I believe any house on the market has a motivated seller.   But it is the Three Ps that define the motivation.

Although a real estate agent cam put together a real marketing plan it is through teamwork that property will sell because the seller brings the results.

Ready to sell your Viera, Florida home?  all or text me to discuss how I can help you price it right and put a real marketing plan in motion with the desired outcome mapped.

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