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Monday, June 19, 2017

It ain't easy being green (as in rookie) when it comes to flipping real estate.

While getting a haircut yesterday the barber was telling about a fiend who has a house in Cocoa, Florida he is flipping.  He knows I am a real estate agent so he wanted me to see if I could bring a buyer.  

I did not bother to tell him that sellers who relay want an agent to market their property will hire a real estate agent - not drop comments.

I see so many articles and promotions selling how to make money flipping.  I hear all these "free seminars" being held in Orlando to help people make money using other people's money, etc.  

And then there is all that HGTV stuff...

Folks, here is the bottom line...... it ain't easy being green (as in rookie) when it comes to flipping.

Flipping is a skill - not a hobby.   Almost all the television flippers are using professionals and not stretching the limits of do it yourself skill-set!

Successful flippers understand the real money is made on the acquisition side of the transaction - not the re-sale.    Sure experienced flippers know where the labor and material savings are but the real gain is the savings at the front end.

In a rising market such as Brevard County, Florida there are not a lot of real target properties available (distressed sales are less than 10% of the market).  

My advice to wannabee flippers - wait until the next market down turn.

It will come... be ready.

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