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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Properly Prepared, Priced and Marketed Properties Get Sold - In Any Market!

It is a sellers market in Brevard County, Florida at this time.  Read the latest Brevard County, Florida residential market report here 

Even in a seller's market the job of selling is more tan a sign, a posting online or telling everyone you know.   Here are a few relevant factoids about selling your Rockledge, Florida home.
Real Estate Factoid #1:  Zillow is not the be all and end all in real estate market knowledge.  Neither is any other real estate expert web site.

The internet is a marketing tool that can be used as a complementary tool but not as the whole institution of real estate knowledge.

Real Estate Factoid #2: 
Selling a home is not as easy as looking up some estimate of value on the Internet and establishing your price.  It is not taking purchase price, adding maintenance and update costs plus a percentage "profit."  

There are local sales, real time competitive properties, current events as well as future events/development considerations and much more!   Sellers don't establish the price - it is the market.  The seller can only respond to the market's price.

Real Estate Factoid #3:  Selling a home involves real brick and mortar, drive around, look and see, local knowledge.  Buyers rarely ever make a decision based on a few pictures on a website with commentary about how wonderful a house is as well as the neighborhood, schools, amenities, etc.

Real Estate Factoid #4:   Sellers are competing with real live sellers with prepared properties priced to market within goals.     Sellers have different degrees of motivation as reflected by condition, pricing and presentation.

In a seller's market it is the properly prepared, priced and marketed property that get sold while others are ignored.

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