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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Buying and Selling a Home in Florida - Offers and List Prices

Believe it or not there are still buyers out there in Viera, Florida who believe a low-ball offer is appropriate in this market.   One considerate prospective buyer even asked if a low-ball offer would offend the seller.

My response was simply "Why make a low-ball offer?"

Rather than focus on whether a seller will be offended by a low-ball offer I prefer to understand why a buyer would make such a poor offer.

Most of the time I find buyers either lack motivation to buy at market or only fishing for a desperate seller. 

Whether buyer or seller one thing is key to a successful real estate experience - being educated on the market.

Whether buyer or seller this means fact based comps.  Fact based simply means recent real sales (closed, similar characteristics, similar circumstances).

There are certainly times for a low ball offer especially when a property is less than the norm for the market (investor targets).   These are properties that are less likely to be marketed to owner occupants.

Whether buyer or seller, pricing and offers all come down to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears.... too low, too high, just right (contract signed)!

My advice to buyers is avoid low-ball and, at a minimum, make a let's talk offer!

My advice to sellers is to avoid exaggerated dreamer list prices and stay within the realm of the believable.

And when it comes to offers price is not the only factor.   It is the cleanest offer that often gets accepted.  Read more about buying or selling a home in Florida with below links.
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