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Monday, July 10, 2017

Pricing Your Florida Home for the Market - Real and Perceived Differences.

When a real estate agent goes on a listing appointment there is often one of two challenges to be dealt with early on in the conversation.

The first, and likely the most difficult, is explaining to an owner hat their home is possibly not better than all others in the neighborhood.  In fact, it may be similar or even just like all the others!

Not all homes are created equally - even within the same subdivisionThis is especially true where many developments were built by the same builder with four or five floor plans (and several front elevations each).  The homes look similar and often are exactly the same.

The second, and a  lesser challenge, is to convince a prospective seller their home is not like the others.

A recent listing appointment illustrates this point.   While discussing the property I commented it was a wood frame home unlike others nearby that were concrete.  The owner's position was it was a stucco house.

I agreed - there is a stucco exterior. 

But the stucco is over a wood framed building with plywood surfaces.  And the difference, while not visible from the street, does impact value.

Similar to the wood vs. concrete discussion is the subject of pools.

A pool is not a pool.   First of all, lets exclude from the conversation the least of the least when it comes to pools - the above ground pool!

There are basically four types of pools including (1) concrete with aggregate or plaster finishes (2) Other solid finishes such as tile, marble, stone, etc. (3) vinyl and (4) fiberglass. 
Further differences are manifested based on the screening, decking and amenities (summer kitchen, spa, heater, spa, etc.).

Lastly, similar to the pool, is the fireplace.
In this area of Florida most homes do not have a fireplace of any kind.  Nor is a fireplace needed so any perceived added value, in my opinion, is negligible.  While some folks have been known to run the air conditioning at Christmas so they could enjoy the season with a fire, it is not common.  [I speak from experience here as my mother in law enjoyed her big brick fireplace while I was sweating!]

If you are considering selling your Florida home expect your real estate agent to take these real differences into consideration when recommending a price. 

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