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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thinking of Selling Your Post Hurricane Irma Florida House?

Getting a home ready for the market has always required attention to detail and preparation but  the process of selling your Florida home could be a little more challenging in this immediate post Hurricane Irma period.

There are major systems which impact sale-ability as well as finance-ability  These include the roof, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems.

For anyone in the affected areas the question of roof integrity must be answered first.

Of course for the immediate future the roofing industry may be busy addressing the more serious roofing problems.  If that is the case - wait.    Still do what can be done to prevent or mitigate the impact of potential MOLD.

Do not become a victim of an unlicensed, unscrupulous "contractor."

While tragedy and difficult times brings out the best in most there are plenty of others who prey on the victims.

While the time to list a Florida home for sale may not be right now this is the time to focus on the little issues.  Address landscape issues.  Work on cleanliness.  Consider the little things like paint schemes, traffic patterns, clutter and the like.

If your home is already on the market and no apparent damage has been sustained, consider having a pre-sale inspection done and make the report available for prospective buyers. 

Furthermore, once a clean bill of health is provided, consider offering a home warranty to reassure prospective buyers at least a little!

If there has been major structural issues, take the time to contact your mortgage lender.  During these post storm recovery periods many lenders order property inspections as well.  So if someone is taking a photograph of your home it could be a lender check.

I was fortunate.  I evacuated for about four days and only lost the contents of my refrigerator and freezer.   Its the many others who are suffering now that need our prayers and help.

Consider a donation to the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other worthy disaster relief organizations.  Do not forget those recovering from Hurricane Harvey as well!

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