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Friday, October 27, 2017

Choosing Your Brevard County, FL Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Lender and Other Providers when Buying or Selling a Home

If a person does not buy and sell a home often then familiarity with the process and providers is less likely

Just the simple process of choosing a real estate agent requires research in some degree whether Internet searches, signage viewed or even inquiry to others.  How one chooses a real estate agent can vary greatly although my opinion is personal referral is probably most reliable.

But what about the other providers involved in a real estate transaction?

The first provider that needs to be consulted (after choosing a Realtor) is the lender.  In Brevard County, Florida I get asked frequently which lender I recommend.  

During my fifteen years experience I have seen some lenders who work better with some types of buyers/loans.  And lately there has been one online lender that has provided tremendous service.

I also have had personal experience with several Brevard County, Florida financial institutions including banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers.

Do I have some Brevard County lenders who are not on my "go to" list?  Like most real estate agents with more than a few closed transactions I certainly do.  While I don't volunteer these up front I will share when asked directly.

There are other providers in the real estate transaction where buyers seek direction including survey company, property inspectors and insurance companies.

Two of these are pretty straight forward - surveys and insurance.  

Survey companies are dealing with verifiable facts and insurance companies have rates  even with some variance (although specific influences like structure, credit, etc can vary between companies).

My experience with property inspection companies has varied greatly.   When listing a property I have no say so on he particular inspection.  But experience has demonstrated how smooth things will go!  When I work with buyers I provide a list of inspection companies as well as advise further research. 

Do I recommend a specific company?  Not really.  I will offer who most of customers use and who I have personally used.

The most important player in your home purchase process is the real estate agent selected.  Experience and local knowledge should be the major factors.  That local knowledge should also include a network of local providers to help make the process of buying a home as pleasant as possible.

The key point:  I like to tell buyers that a house is priced low for a reason.  The same goes for other services.  The cheapest is not always the best.

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