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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Selling Your Home: Is Feedback a Waste?

The topic of feedback is a universal one that every home seller asks about at some point. The question often comes up during the listing interview/process.   If not then, it will likely show up once prospective buyers begin to view the property.

Some sellers are so anxious for feedback they will accompany prospective buyers while they view the house asking for opinions the whole time.  This is not something I recommend if a seller wants to sell their home!

Can feedback be a buyer's prelude to a forthcoming offer?   I have seen this a few times over the years where the negative comments are dished out.   In many cases the listing agent can tell that the buyer's agent is setting the seller up (or seller's agent) up for a low ball offer.   Plant the seed, reap the harvest later is the strategy!

And then some serious buyers will not offer any feedback as they want to disguise their interest.  Interest shown is viewed by some as showing their cards.  Of course when the market favors sellers as in the current Brevard County market then this is not necessarily a prudent strategy.

Is feedback ever useful to a listing agent?  

Most listing agents want feedback fro two reasons.  The first reason is their clients (sellers) expect it.  Again, even if not useful most sellers want feedback.  What do I consider useless feedback?  This is he time wasters like  "shows well, thanks."  "Looks good, not interested."  "Priced right, still looking!"

Still some feedback is useful.  This is the feedback that supports an agent's position although sellers have been resistant.  These are  the constructive comments such as "price too high," "too cluttered, not enough open space,"  "needs paint" and the like.   Yes, negative feedback can be useful.

What is the best type of feedback?  An offer!  Even if an offer fails to be negotiated, a realistic offer means the price was competitive for the market, location and condition. 

Sellers remember this: You do not control the price....the market does.

Should you as a buyer offer feedback?  By all means... if it is constructive.

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