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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Would You Tell Someone Their Baby is Ugly?

Always tell the truth.  Seems like a pretty safe approach to life.  But the sentence has been cut off.  It should read...

Always tell the truth at the right time and with the right words.

As for human babies, they are all beautiful.

The baby I am referring to in this post is someone's house.

After fifteen years in real estate I can attest to the prevalence of poor taste.  I can attest to varying ideas of cleanliness.  I can attest to the old saying about beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

Finally I can attest to how personal the bond is between people and their homes.

When viewing properties, especially owner occupied homes, I always caution buyers to not say anything beyond "neutral" comments when touring a house.  The intent of my direction is not to teach manners but rather to urge caution to "not show your hand."

How would negotiating strategy be impacted if a seller heard a prospective buyer comment that "This is the one.  I want this house!"

Technology is a wonderful thing.  fifteen to twenty years ago it was not common to have video systems recording activity in homes.  Now systems are common and often undetectable.

Remember when you go in someone's home enter knowing you may very well be monitored.  The monitoring is most likely a security issue rather than a "spying" issue.  Sellers have no idea who these strangers are who come traipsing through their home.

Most real estate agents do not personally know their customers.  Real estate agents try to monitor all activity when they show customers a home.   Still, sellers need to do what they can to protect themselves and their property.  And sometimes it is video monitoring.

If you are perusing homes in search of a new Florida home remember to respect the space, respect the owner

Buyers, take notes. Make generic comments. Ask legitimate questions.

And when you get outside speak your mind about the seller's baby.
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