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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Obstacles to Selling Your Melbourne, Florida House

Theoretically selling a house is a simple process.  But reality can be quite different.

When a Realtor (interpret this as me) meets  with a prospective seller there is a predictable exchange of information.

The most important question of all is "Why are you selling?"  The answer to this question will frame the entire conversation and , potentially, the transaction.

Sometimes the "Why" is simple...job transfer, up-sizing, down-sizing, retirement, etc.

Sometimes the "Why" is more complex... short sale, divorce process, death in the family, major illness, etc.

With an understanding of the "Why" it is easier to discuss the next most important issue.... price.

In an ideal world, all three of the following questions could have the same answer.
  1. What is your house worth?  
  2. How much do you want for it?   
  3. How much will it sell for? 
Most sellers believe that the answers to questions one and two are always regardless of the day or time!  

In theory they call on a local professional Realtor to answer number three.  

A local professional Realtor will perform a comparative market analysis.  A market analysis is just simply a comparison of apples to apples with adjustments made for real (as opposed to perceived) differences. 

Most often the comparative properties selected are from the same neighborhood and will share many of the same qualities (age, size/room count, construction materials, lot size, lot view/location, etc).  Additionally they will be normal, arm's length transactions.  

Based on analysis of customer goal, property and competition the local Realtor will prepare and present an individualize market plan including recommended price.   I often expect to get push-back from sellers who are overly optimistic.  It is up to the seller to accept or reject the plan.

Many times a seller will "accept" the plan of the surface and "reject" the plan later through a lack of corporation.

This lack of corporation maybe reflected in making an occupied home more difficult to show.  It may be rejected by  a failure to prepare the property and maintain in a show ready status.  It may be rejected through a "non-negotiation" stance when offers arrive.

agent@moving2brevard.comA good Realtor may take that rejection and walk away.

Many good Realtors will take the only benefit the listing will offer - prospective buyers who will purchase other homes.

Realtor's work for success - not participation.   

Taking an overpriced listing is a waste of time.  Taking a listing where the seller is passively rejecting the Realtor's efforts and plan is a waste of time. 

If you are ready to sell your Melbourne, Florida home, call me and lets talk.  If you prefer, send me an email.

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